Somdutt & Shruti

A happily ever after is when a match is made in heaven.
When family play the heaven God, in finding the best life partner..
Presenting one such Engineer-Doctor couple, most ideal in their life and married in the most ideal way any parent would love to see.
The very pretty and smart bride- Shruti and an ambitious and calm groom- Somdutt.
A great relationship is when you get better each day for someone who wants the best for you..
Somdutt is a go-getter, a gym freak whereas Shruti is a relaxed and easy going girl who is trying her best to keep up with her fitness goals..
They say any husband’s way to his heart is through his taste buds, and rightly so, this foodie guy found a perfect soulmate in Shruti who takes delight in cooking..
This couple is amazingly cute and equally good looking not just individually but together as well..
We loved capturing these two souls, amidst the azure blue Goan beaches for their pre-wedding, at their homes for haldi and also at their big day..

13161843_1043831459020799_1358891576639719859_o.jpg13147519_1043831832354095_458346116350768612_o.jpgshruti-somdutt (66)shruti-somdutt (20)shruti-somdutt (177)SHRUTI-HALDI (36)SHRUTI-SOMDUTT (11)SHRUTI-SOMDUTT (24)SHRUTI-SOMDUTT (812)SHRUTI-SOMDUTT (815)SHRUTI-SOMDUTT (797)

Thank you for reading..

Keep smiling and posing! Cheers!



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