Akshay & Karuna

There is something incredible about long term relationships, specially if you meet your soul mate while you are in college. ♥


A sport fanatic – Akshay and a food and photography enthusiast – Karuna.
They both find joy in opposite things.


Nonetheless, both are connoisseurs of Tea, Travel and Technology.
Agree or not, Love is when you both are different yet similar in many ways..


These two had a long way until they married after being 7 years in love. ♥


Needless to say no love marriage is a cake walk, and they too had a fair share of hurdles before the families actually agreed for this union.


As all dads weakness is the love for their daughters, and all moms want the best for their son.


Not a surprise they both played the cupid for Karuna & Akshay. ♥


Akshay is a child at heart, and Karuna enjoys being his guide.
What a fun project it was to capture their pre-wedding and wedding festivities.


A happily ever after is what we are sharing with you of this beautiful couple, immensely in love. ♥

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Thank you for reading..
Keep smiling and posing! Cheers!

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